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Grandparents DNA Testing

What is Grandparents DNA Testing ?

A grandparents DNA testing service is done in cases where, biological grandparents of a child want to known their biological relation, and the father is either unavailable or unwilling to take a paternity test. Testing both grandparents is recommended to provide a more conclusive result. But DNA testing can be done in the event only one is available, provided mother’s sample is also provided. Not including the mother in testing can lead to an inconclusive result.

Our testing facility is ISO 18385:2016, ISO9001:2015, and ISO/IEC 17025 certified company that employs state-of-the-art Autosomal STR Markers kit, ensuring 100% accuracy.


  • Parental Absence or Unknown Paternity: When the biological parents are unavailable or the father’s identity is unknown.
  • Legal Proceedings: In cases of custody battles or inheritance disputes where establishing biological relationships is crucial.
  • Immigration Purposes: To prove familial relationships for visa or immigration applications.
  • Adoption Confirmation: When adopted individuals seek to confirm their biological roots through their grandparents.
  • Genealogical Research: Families exploring their ancestry may use grandparent DNA testing to trace their heritage accurately.

DISCLAIMER: This test result may not be defendable in a court of law for the establishment of paternity/relationship and other legally related issues because the samples used for the peace of mind test are not collected under a strict chain of custody or on an honourable court’s order by a third neutral party, and the Laboratory is unable to verify the origin of the samples. The names of the testing parties that may be listed in this report were submitted by the customer and are not independently verified. For inaccurate or misspelt patient information, the laboratory disclaims any liability.

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