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Powerful probabilistic genotyping tools, customizable DNA database software, affordable case management tools, and indexing. No matter your lab size, the tools in our forensic software ecosystem are here to help your team scale, store and solve with confidence.

BP Sentry is the latest addition to the arsenal of Probabilistic Genotyping tools made available by DNA Lab India. Probabilistic Genotyping tools provide the ability to utilize all data above the Laboratory’s empirically determined analytical threshold by accounting for “uncertainty” wherein we incorporate a probability of allelic drop-out, drop-in (and if warranted, alternate hypotheses including the ability to account for possible “related suspects”) in the LR.

LEAD software provides a system that allows users to easily upload and store DNA sample information for comparison. With LEAD you can quickly search and compare genetic profiles within the database by authorized users via a secure network.

eSolve provides robust autosomal and haplotype searches for mixtures and single-source samples…the proprietary mixture to mixture tool adds great depth to your crime-solving capabilities. eSolve takes DNA Database searching to the next level.

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