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Expert Witness Testimony

Expert Witness Testimony provides DNA forensic expert witness testimony in support of our DNA testing results and the case-review findings presented in our report package. Our DNA experts provide forensic expert witness testimony on all cases involving forensic DNA evidence, including rape, murder trials, and property crime cases. Case reviews, testing of evidence and expert testimony are typical services requested by the legal community. Officers of the court have found the Sorenson Forensics team to be very responsive to the demands of court schedules.

You can expect our expert witnesses to:

– Concisely describe the critical aspects of our forensic DNA testing process
– Use understandable terms to clearly explain the technical points of forensic DNA analysis to non-scientists
– Have experience working with both prosecutors and defense attorneys
– Be court-qualified in several states with hundreds of courtroom appearances

These are typically delivered through a secure web portal for security purposes.

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