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Your DNA is made up of 6.4 billion A, T, C, and G molecules, which is an extremely lengthy chain of molecules. Everything from the color of your eyes to the texture of your skin to how you react to food is, in part, determined by the information recorded in your DNA. Whole genome sequencing provides insight to this knowledge.

DNA testing and forensic science are extremely complicated processes that call for meticulous precision, thoroughness, and documentation. Only a forensic DNA laboratory, like DNA Lab India with experienced forensic scientists and highly-refined processing procedures can deliver the highest degree of performance when the two disciplines are merged.


paternal testing

Parental DNA Testing

Parental DNA testing is method for establishing biological connections between parents and children, providing conclusive proof of parentage. Our advanced testing process delivers accurate and quick results, offering clarity for legal, personal, health risks or curiosity-driven reasons. 

Paternal DNA Testing

A paternity test can establish whether a man is the child’s biological father. Y chromosome is shared among the paternally related male individuals. Paternity tests using DNA are quite precise. If a man isn’t a person’s biological father, a test can identify him with a 99.9% accuracy rate.

maternity test

Maternal DNA Testing

Maternal DNA testing is used to determine the biological relationship of a suspected mother and child. Maternity testing is a proof of woman’s ability to be child’s biological mother. By comparing child’s DNA to purported mother’s X Chromosome, maternity can be established by analysing. 

Siblings DNA Testing

Sibling DNA Testing reveals the genetic connection between brothers and sisters. This testing method confirms the likelihood of a shared biological parentage among siblings. By comparing the DNA of individuals, we provide scientific proof of sibling relationships.

Personal DNA Profile

Personal DNA Profile Generation utilizes advanced DNA analysis to unravel an individual’s genetic blueprint. This scientific process validates individual identity by analysing inherited DNA markers.  This discerns inherited traits, ancestral mapping, and potential health predispositions. Personal DNA profile is for one’s own information.

Uncle Aunt Testing

Uncle Aunt Testing at serves to ascertain the biological relationship between a suspected uncle or aunt and a child, to establish paternity when the father is not available for testing. This testing method provides concrete evidence of an individual’s potential kinship with the child by comparing their DNA profiles, offering clarity on extended family relationships.


Grandparent DNA Testing

Grandparent DNA Testing investigates the genetic connection by comparing the grandchild’s DNA with that of the alleged grandparents. This test provides conclusive evidence of familial ties, which is crucial for cases where direct parentage testing may be challenging, offering a reliable method to establish kinship.

Immigration DNA Testing

Immigration Testing uses scientific process that verifies biological connections between individuals, serving as conclusive evidence for visa applications. By comparing the DNA profiles of family members, our testing method aids in confirming familial relationships, facilitating accurate and reliable documentation.

Human Cell Line

Human Cell Line Authentication Testing

Human Cell Line Authentication DNA   testing validates the identity and purity of cell lines, ensuring accurate and reliable results in scientific studies and medical treatments. By comparing DNA profiles, our service confirms the authenticity of cell lines used in research and medical applications, safeguarding against contamination and misidentification.

Organ Transplant

Post-Organ Transplant DNA Testing

Post-Organ Transplant DNA Testing verifies the compatibility and success of organ transplants through genetic match between donor and recipient, ensuring optimal transplant outcomes. By comparing the DNA profiles of both; donor and recipient, our services provide conclusive evidence of compatibility, enhancing post-transplant monitoring and treatment.

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If you’re trying to find a certified and reputable laboratory that provides accurate forensic DNA testing services, DNA LAB INDIA provides completely accredited forensic DNA testing services both nationally and internationally.

We provide a wide range of economical, reliable,  and fully accredited forensic DNA testing services for peace of mind, knowledge, and legal purposes.

We offer a wide range of tests, including paternity and maternal DNA tests, genetic related tests, missing parent or grandparent age tests, relationship and sibling DNA tests, immigration DNA tests.

Forensic DNA Testing

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Exceptional service! The DNA testing process at DNA Lab India was smooth and efficient. The staff was knowledgeable and provided clear explanations at every step. I received my results faster than expected, and the detailed analysis was presented in a user-friendly format.

The collection of cheek swab sample was seamless and the instructions were easy to follow. The lab kept me updated on the status of my sample, and the results were delivered with precision. I'm impressed with the accuracy and reliability of their testing.

Choosing this laboratory for my immigration purpose was one of the best decisions I made. the results were delivered promptly. The accuracy of their test played a pivotal role in supporting my immigration case. I appreciate the dedication of the team in ensuring that all requirements were met. Thanks for making my journey to the U.S. a swift one!"