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Your DNA is made up of 6.4 billion A, T, C, and G molecules, which is an extremely lengthy chain of molecules. Everything from the color of your eyes to the texture of your skin to how you react to food is, in part, determined by the information recorded in your DNA. Whole genome sequencing provides insight to this knowledge.

DNA testing and forensic science are extremely complicated processes that call for meticulous precision, thoroughness, and documentation. Only a forensic DNA laboratory with experienced forensic scientists and highly-refined processing procedures can deliver the highest degree of performance when the two disciplines are merged.

The level that is needed to assure quality forensic DNA testing results that can withstand rigorous review.

The DNA Lab India laboratory is validated to perform an extensive variety of chemistries across a diverse range of cutting-edge forensic DNA testing technology platforms.

Your Forensic DNA Specialist in India

If you’re trying to find a certified and reputable laboratory that provides accurate forensic DNA testing services, DNA LAB INDIA provides completely accredited forensic DNA testing services both nationally and internationally.

We provide a wide range of economical, legal, and court admissible forensic DNA testing services for peace of mind, knowledge, and legal purposes.

We offer a wide range of tests, including paternity and maternal DNA tests, genetic related tests, missing parent or grandparentage tests, relationship and sibling DNA tests, immigration DNA tests, and organ transplant tests (per the Transplantation of Human Organs Act, 2014).

Forensic DNA Testing

Any relationship-related questions you may have can be answered by our experts. Because we know how stressful it can be to wait for your findings, we also keep our response period short. In fact, results are ready in just 4-5 business days. Your complete satisfaction with every facet of our services is our top priority.


X-STR Analysis

In addition to autosomal STR, Y-STR, and mtDNA markers, the X-STR is a useful tool.The application of X-STR markers to paternity and forensic casework is crucial. When the mother is available for typing, they have helped with incomplete paternity testing.

Paternity Trio Test

Samples from suspected father, purported mother, and child are needed for  trio paternity test. By comparing child’s DNA patterns to those of father and mother, the paternity of child is double-verified. Other configurations are possible for DNA paternity tests.

Y-STR Analysis

Y-STR Analysis uses the same scientific foundation as STR Analysis, but the DNA fragments that are being targeted in this type of testing are only found on the Y-chromosome. Small amounts of male DNA from one or more donors can be found using Y-STR analysis.

Maternity DNA Test

Maternity testing is used to determine the biological relationship of a suspected mother and child. Maternity testing is a proof of woman’s ability to be child’s biological mother. By comparing child’s DNA to purported mother’s, maternity can be established. 

DNA Profiling

DNA profiling is the method through which a person or sample of body tissue is used to obtain a particular DNA pattern, or profile. Although everyone of us is unique, the majority of our DNA is essentially the same as DNA from other individuals.

Bone DNA Analysis

When the skeletal remains of multiple people are mixed together at a place, DNA typing can be used to match various bones. Bone and teeth are main samples for STR Analysis. Larger bones are available for sampling for genetic analysis.

Paternity Testing

A DNA paternity test can establish whether a man is the child’s biological father. Paternity tests using DNA are quite precise. If a man isn’t a person’s biological father, a test can identify him with a 99.9% accuracy rate.

Sibling DNA Test

When both male and female subjects are being tested, a full siblingship DNA test is advised. This kind of test determines how much DNA the test subjects have in common. A sibling test is established for a single common parent.

Forensic DNA Software

Powerful probabilistic genotyping tools, customizable DNA database software, affordable case management tools, and indexing. No matter your lab size, the tools in our forensic software ecosystem are here to help your team scale, store and solve with confidence.

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